In the USA and worldwide, our attention is being drawn towards the breakthroughs in the Cannabis and Hemp industry. Billions of dollars are being invested in what is being referred to as the "Green Rush." Steven Bass: Has been in the health field since the 70's as one of the first Personal Trainers in Los Angeles. Nutritionist and producer of exercise and health videos, he's also been a noted speaker at health conventions

He has also studied under and is the proud protégé of the Worlds Foremost Authority on Amino Acids and supplementation ; Don Tyson who created Tyson and Montiff Nutraceuticals. As Creative Director and Product Designer 1998-2012 for From the Heart Nutraceuticals he was in charge of development and marketing USP Pharmaceutical Grade AminoAcid, Vitamin, Mineral and Antioxidant formulas

The most intelligent investors will put their money into Cannabis based products that will have longevity and show the most opportunity for growth. CanavitesRX is that company and we are actively seeking investors, backers, partners.